Video: TeraView discusses terahertz coating thickness sensor

March 13, 2018 //By Peter Clarke
Video: TeraView discusses terahertz coating thickness sensor
TeraView Ltd. (Cambridge, England) has developed a sensor that works at terahertz frequencies to measure the thickness of buried paint layers in the automotive industry.

The TeraCota non-contact sensor is also suitable for application in other sectors such as aerospace engineering and the semiconductor industry.

Terahertz light lies between the infrared and microwaves, and is able to pass through objects and to transmit physical and spectroscopic information that is ordinarily hidden. Terahertz is non-destructive, safe and fast, making it suitable for inspection and imaging for multiple applications across a range of industries.

The video below provides an overview of terahertz technology, and highlights the commercial and technical drivers behind the development of TeraCota. TeraView scientists and engineers provide details, from the initial trials with lead customers, through development and to the deployment of the system within the automotive industry.


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