Two entry-level hand-held clamp and multimeter testers in distribution

February 13, 2018 // By Nick Flaherty
Conrad in Germany has launched two handheld clamp meters and two digital multimeters from Voltcraft for the professional and maker markets.

The launch includes the VC310 and VC320 clamp meters and the VC155 and VC165 digital multimeters.

Enabling non-contact AC current measurement, the VC310 and VC320 clamp meters are ultra-compact and highly robust entry-level units that offer a very good price-performance ratio and the latest ergonomic technology. Each unit integrates a clamp sensor, meaning it no longer necessary to separate the circuit for measurement. Using the clamp method, current measurements can be performed without the usual disconnection and disconnection of the circuit, avoiding system downtime.

Providing 2000 display counts, both units offer three current ranges up to 2, 20 and 200A, respectively, from a minimum current of 1mA. The VC320 unit also offers exact measurements via its True RMS capability, which enables the accurate measurement of unbalanced voltages and currents that deviate from the basic AC sinewave. For example, unbalanced voltages can occur in power controllers such as dimmers, speed controllers, clocked switching regulators or in pulsed chargers. The two clamp meters are also ISO calibrated, which is required if the unit is to be used in an ISO9001 certified environment.

The VC155 and VC165 are hand-held multimeters that have been designed to be robust entry-level instruments. Primarily aimed at the home and hobbyist markets, the units offer an excellent price/performance ratio enabling users to perform reliable measurement tasks.

Rated for CAT III readings up to 600V and offering 2000 display counts, measurement ranges provided include: DC voltage from 0.1mV up to 600V (from 0.01mV for the VC165); AC voltage from 0.1V up to 600V (from 0.01mV for the VC165); DC current from 1A up to 10A for the VC155, and both AC and DC current from 0.1A up to 10A for the VC165; as well as resistance measurement; and True-RMS for the VC165.

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