Three phase power analysis software for conversion system evaluation

February 04, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
Three phase power analysis software for conversion system evaluation
Teledyne LeCroy has launched a 3-Phase Power Analysis software package for single and three phase static and dynamic power analysis on its range of 12bit oscilloscopes.

The power analysis software package allows research and development engineers to use the HDO8000A, HDO6000A and WavePro HD 12bit High Definition oscilloscopes to better understand complex power conversion system and control behaviours and hasten power conversion system-design refinements. This can help the development of complex dynamic systems such as DC-DC power supplies, hybrid/electric vehicles, solar PV and grid-tied inverters, welding equipment, uninterruptible power supplies and HVAC systems.

The rapidly growing power-conversion market now extends into applications requiring complex dynamic power analysis during time periods as short as a single device-switching cycle. Conventional power analysers struggle with dynamic power analysis and are limited to long analysis periods, typiclly 5 to 500Hz. The package includes numeric measurement table to display mean value "static" power behaviours, per-cycle Waveforms of "dynamic" power enables the correlation of complex power conversion system behaviors to other control or power system waveforms to debug drive system problems and harmonic order calculations with tabular and spectral displays and THD measurements, which is available in the optional Harmonics software package.

There is support for two-wattmeter method to make accurate three phase power measurements using just two voltage and two current signals, and the Zoom+Gate mode provides time-correlated, instantaneous understanding of dynamic power behaviours with correlation to the control system.

The 3-Phase Power Analysis software package is priced at $3500. The ancillary Harmonics software add-on is priced at $1545.

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