Test software enables easy and intuitive EMI measurements

March 31, 2017 //By Graham Prophet
Test software enables easy and intuitive EMI measurements
Elektra EMI test software from Rohde & Schwarz has been designed for easy and intuitive EMI measurements during product development, and is for use with the company’s EMI test receivers and spectrum analyzers.

Development engineers or technicians who only occasionally use these instruments to measure electromagnetic interference can readily configure automated test sequences, often in the development lab, using GTEM cells or line impedance stabilization networks (LISN).

The software performs a preview measurement based on predefined test templates to measure the DUTˈs frequency spectrum. The result is compared against appropriate limit lines. Time-consuming measurements with a standard-compliant detector will be performed only if limits are violated.

The software provides limit lines for the various test standards together with the antenna factors, and also also delivers conclusive measurements in the development lab. For example, development engineers can use an LISN when measuring conducted disturbance. With smaller, battery-operated DUTs, a GTEM cell can be used; in this case, the EMI test software processes the measured values to generate results that are comparable to those that would be obtained during an open-site measurement with an antenna.

A dashboard on the user interface provides quick access to settings, tests, test templates, and other functions. Frequently used elements can be added to the dashboard as favourites. The software saves each test configuration with a block diagram, allowing users to quickly access individual parameters by clicking on the associated components.

The software documents results together with the test configuration and all instrument settings. Users can add descriptive text and images. Reports can be generated and exported in CSV, Excel and PDF format.


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