Sub-nanovolt testing for small-signal discretes

April 12, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
Sub-nanovolt testing for small-signal discretes
Linear Integrated Systems in the US has developed a large-scale sub-nanovolt testing capability for small-signal discrete devices.

This allows individual screening of small-signal discrete components to levels below a billionth of a volt (nV/√Hz) of noise in quantities up to tens of thousands of parts. The system was developed as part of a US defence programme developing small signal devices, and the company is now providing ultra-low-noise-screened parts to other customers.

"Small-signal discrete components can help create the lowest noise signal chains possible and that's what our customers have been demanding," said Timothy McCune, president of Linear Systems. "This sub-nanovolt testing capability enables us to provide production-line quantities of parts guaranteed to meet specific noise levels. No other company has this capability." The Fremont, CA-based company was founded by John H. Hall, co-founder of Intersil and founder of Micro Power Systems.

Linear Systems specialises in the development and manufacture of precision, ultra-low-noise small-signal discrete components. Its parts, such as the LSK389 and LSK489, are used in sensor systems ranging from the Large-Scale Synoptic Telescope to piezoelectric devices to sonobuoys. These parts also provide the front-end amplification for high-end test and measurement, medical and audio equipment.

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