Solid-state light measurement workshop

January 22, 2018 //By Julien Happich
Solid-state light measurement workshop
At Strategies in Light USA, Instrument Systems will be presenting advanced light measurement technology for the solid-state lighting (SSL) industry and LED manufacturers. The company will be showcasing solutions for the current challenges to be faced in the measurement of solid-state lighting sources. Several photometric and spectroradiometric measuring stations at Stand 501 will demonstrate advanced light technology, based on the new high-precision CAS 140D spectroradiometer.

Visitors will be able to experience live the angle-dependent measurement of lamps and luminaires with the LGS 350 goniophotometer, as well as light measurement characterization of highpower LEDs combined with a Vektrex Performance Series current source and an integrating sphere.

A further test setup will present all-in-one solutions on the highly topical subject of UV LEDs. Together with the representatives from Instrument Systems, the participants of a four-hour workshop on 13 February will acquire expertise in dealing with operating conditions, requirements and measurement technology, and the assessment of measurement uncertainties.

Designed to deliver high measurement accuracy and reliability, the new CAS 140D array spectrometer features a compact optical and mechanical structure that is easy to integrate into existing measurement environments. Automatic accessory recognition means high process reliability both in production and in the laboratory. As a complete system, the CAS 140D is suitable for all spectroradiometric and photometric measuring tasks, as well as for the determination of the correlated color temperature CCT and color rendering index CRI.

Especially for the measurement of colorimetric quantities, the Instrument Systems test labs are now certified to ISO 11664. On the subject of UV LEDs the Munich-based manufacturer will be presenting a new UV measurement solution consisting of a spectroradiometer and a series of integrating spheres specially designed for UV sources. This all-in-one system is suitable both for applications in the lab and use in production environments. Test specimens with various different radiation spectra from 200 nm in the UV-A, UV-B and UV-C ranges can be reliably measured with a high degree of precision.

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