Sensor kit speeds up cloud-based prototype and production systems

October 08, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
ADI's MeasureWare combines hardware, software and cloud connections to speed up prototype development
ADI's MeasureWare combines sensor hardware, software and cloud connections to speed up prototype development

Analog Devices (ADI) has launched a set of hardware sensor measurement kits and software studio tools for precision measurement across multiple markets to accelerate cloud-based system designs.

MeasureWare is aimed at a wide range of industries including precision agriculture, machine health monitoring, electrochemistry and other areas requiring precise measurement. The kits measure temperature, weight, humidity, pH and pressure with flexibility to adjust and change measurement parameters as a project evolves.

“We created MeasureWare to provide precision measurement solutions to a growing customer base seeking to leverage the best of ADI’s technology without needing to become fluent in component and hardware specifications,” said Lorna Keane, Director of MeasureWare at Analog Devices in Limerick, Ireland. “A lot of customers we are talking to are not engineers – we are talking to horticulturists, algorithms specialists, mechanical engineers, so we are seeing a changing profile. Even some of our traditional customers are changing their focus, moving to more software,” she said.

“ADI has created MeasureWare to bridge that gap. The more of the signal chain you want becomes more complex and yet the electronic engineering capability isn’t there.  We’ve created a software studio to view the insights and change what you want to measure on the fly. We have partnered with sensor vendors and with design houses to help customers take their prototypes all the way to volume. We have defined a standard connection to the box that are partners are following.”

MeasureWare Designer provides hardware recommendations to support the customer’s specific needs of their application, while the MeasureWare Lab allows engineers to stream and view monitoring results in measurement units. The data can be stored in the cloud for management and interpretation.

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