Scope probe has 60V offset for power integrity measurements

January 30, 2017 //By Graham Prophet
Scope probe has 60V offset for power integrity measurements
The R&S RT-ZPR20 is a very low-noise power rail probe with a bandwidth of 2 GHz. Its 1:1 attenuation also ensures very good sensitivity. The large offset range of ±60 V permits analysis of the smallest disturbance signals during power integrity measurements, even on DC power supplies with a high voltage level. The probe also features an integrated high-precision DC voltmeter.

Rohde & Schwarz designed the RT-ZPR20 designed for power integrity measurements in combination with the RTE and RTO2000 oscilloscopes. The large 2 GHz bandwidth ensures that even very broadband disturbance signals are captured.


With its exceptionally low inherent noise and an attenuation factor of 1:1, the probe enables highly sensitive measurements. Users can measure and analyze in detail even small disturbance voltages using tools such as spectral analysis. Dynamic range of ±850 mV and unique large DC voltage offset range of ± 60 V ensure the scope of applications is very large.


The R&S RT-ZPR20 also features an integrated high-precision DC voltmeter that allows users to simultaneously measure a power supply's DC component, irrespective of the offset voltage. This reading and the signal voltage are transmitted to the oscilloscope and displayed. This allows the DC level and ripple to be measured in parallel when qualifying power supplies for highly sensitive electronic components such as CPUs and FPGAs.


Rohde & Schwarz:




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