RF power meter supports both terminating and directional power sensors

March 18, 2019 //By Nick Flaherty
RF power meter supports both terminating and directional power sensors
Rohde & Schwarz has launched an RF power meter that for the first time supports both terminating and directional power sensors in a single instrument.

High-precision RF power measurement for modern applications is a challenge, so the R&S NRX has up to four measurement channels, with a new touchscreen interface to guide users through configuration to transparently configure measurements and perform them conveniently. The R&S NRX allows triggered and synchronized multichannel measurements with different power sensors.

The user operates the instrument via the integrated high-resolution 5" touchscreen. Measurements are configured using large buttons and the system supports the user with a logical calibration and draws attention to conflicts in case of doubt. If required, the instrument can also be operated using the buttons on its front panel.

The R&S NRX, which supercedes the current NRP2 power meter, comes as standard with two robust sensor ports, which can be optionally upgraded to four. In addition, sensors can also be connected via USB or Ethernet.

All terminating power sensors from the Rohde & Schwarz portfolio work with the sensor connectors, and the R&S NRX-B9 sensor interface module integrates the directional power sensors of the R&S NRT-Z family into the measurement to determine power in both transmission directions.

With the optional R&S NRX-B1 sensor check source module, users can test sensors for a pending measurement. The high-precision 50 MHz/1 GHz reference generator module generates continuous-wave signals as well as pulsed steep-slope signals.

Rohde & Schwarz will present the R&S NRX power meter EMV 2019 in Stuttgart and it will soon be available from select distributors.


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