Pyreos slashes cost of spectrometer-on-a-chip

March 07, 2019 //By Peter Clarke
 Pyreos slashes cost of spectrometer-on-a-chip
Pyreos Ltd. (Edinburgh, Scotland), a developer of thin-film infrared sensors that spun out of Siemens in 2007, has announced a price reduction of 50 percent on its 128-pixel, linear array, spectrometer-on-a-chip bringing the price below $900 in 500-unit quantities.

Pyreos products use thin-film PZT pyroelectric technology, whose low thermal mass increases the sensors' speed of response, enabling high measurement rates, high SNR and lower-power systems. The company said it was able to reduce the price because of "significant market growth."

The different units cover different frequency ranges: PY1499 (2.5µm-5 µm), PY0738 (5.5µm-11 µm), PY2004 (5.5µm-11 µm + high SNR fat analysis pixel), PY2075 (5.5µm-11 µm + high SNR oil analysis pixel). 

The steep drop in price will allow a new raft of applications that were previously too cost sensitive to use the technology. These include: food safety testing, lubrication, oil and fuel testing for engine efficiency and preventative maintenance, in-line process monitoring, and medical testing in the home.

Compared with traditional moving-mirror systems, Pyreos-based solutions are more robust because they have no moving parts and cover wider wavelength ranges with one instrument.

Pyreos sensors have been used by Bill Gates' Global Good Fund to test milk in low-income markets and for sputum analysis, aimed at identifying lung conditions, according to Andrew Wallace, CEO at Pyreos.

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