Parametric test boost for next-generation 3nm chips

November 06, 2018 // By Nick Flaherty
Advantest has added parametric testing for chip process-characterisation and monitoring needs for 3nm process nodes and beyond.

With per-pin source measurement units (SMU) for DC parametric testing, the V93000 SMU8 system allows users to quickly measure and verify electrical and timing characteristics at any device pin, enabling more cost-efficient manufacturing and faster time to market for devices developed on 28nm to 3nm processes.

The SMU8 helps to ensure process quality by performing either in-line or end-of-line testing in both product-development and production environments. In labs, the system’s ability to handle very large volumes of data enables fast and cost-efficient parallel testing of new designs. On the production monitor floor, its serial-testing capabilities has shown it can evaluate entire wafers in 30 minutes or less.

“Our new test solution offers parallel throughput at the price of a serial tester,” said Ben Morris, marketing and applications manager at Advantest. “It’s ideal for meeting the needs of fast-growing semiconductor markets by ensuring the electrical and timing performance of today’s low-current logic, mixed-signal and memory processes all the way from engineering through manufacturing. As a parallel-ready tester, the SMU8 can generate large volumes of process data when the fab is ready for it.”

Using Advantest’s C-Class test head, the small-footprint V93000 SMU8 operates over a voltage range of +10 volts with a current range of +50 milliamps per channel. It is available in 24-pin to 112-pin configurations with per-pin source-measurement resources. Each SMU card has eight channels capable of 500 microvolt voltage-setting accuracy and 500 femtoamp current-measuring accuracy.

Equipping the V93000 SMU8 with the optional DC Scale AVI64 universal analogue pin module extends the system’s voltage capability to -40V to +80V to accommodate an even wider range of ICs processes including memory. The module’s per-pin arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) can produce virtually any waveform while running multiple pulse generators simultaneously, especially useful for floating-gate processes.

Several of Advantest’s strategic partners have already installed V93000 SMU8 units in their R&D facilities. Use of the new tester in volume production is expected to begin in

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