In-panel temperature controllers speed up installation with AI

May 03, 2018 //By Julien Happich
In-panel temperature controllers speed up installation with AI
Omron continues to expand its temperature controller portfolio with the introduction of the new NX-TC series with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Designed for multi-loop applications, these intelligent controllers provide easier in-panel installation.

The latest addition to the NX-TC series is a new generation of smart devices that are designed to achieve optimal and automatic temperature control without human intervention. In fact, from now on all adjustments typically made in the field by experts will be automated using Artificial Intelligence.

Omron developed the NX-TC Series with "adaptive control technology” to automatically detect changes in the process under control and adapt the PID accordingly for a perfectly tuned PID algorithm and ultra-stable temperature control.

On a conventional sealing machine, temperature sensors are often located too far from the sealing surface of the heating bar. This can cause a difference between the temperature of the sealing surface and the actual control temperature. The temperature difference and the resulting number or sealing failures increase as packaging speed accelerates, and directly in correlation with thinner packaging materials. The NX-TC series solves this issue thanks to special temperature sensor models with faster detection, allowing the sensor to be placed closer to the sealing surface. Specially developed embedded algorithms such as automatic filter adjustment, help to suppress temperature variations, resulting in a better sealing quality.

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