IXYS adds Nikon Metrology X ray system to UK power semi production line: Page 2 of 2

January 11, 2018 //By Nick Flaherty
IXYS Westcode engineer Fiona Lambert operating the Nikon Metrology XT V 160 X-ray inspection system.
IXYS UK Westcode is adding a Nikon Metrology X-ray test system at its fab in Chippenham to support a new range of power devices.
X-ray machine was installed specifically for DCB inspection, its presence on the Chippenham site has proved beneficial for verifying the quality of bought-in materials. On one occasion, a supplier disputed that there was a high incidence of solder blockages in a consignment of delivered coolers that form part of Press-Pack IGBT stacks. A simple analysis using the XT V 160 provided irrefutable evidence and resulted in the prompt arrival of a replacement batch.

The XT V 160 is an open-tube design so that replacement of the electron beam-producing filament can be scheduled a couple of times per year for a cost of a few pounds. Filament replacement takes minutes, so downtime is short. A sealed tube, on the other hand, will last for a couple of years but can stop working without warning, perhaps at the worst possible time for the user. The manufacturer then has to be called in to renew the tube at a cost of many thousands of pounds and the machine is down for days.

With one or two products per batch to be X-rayed for QA, the machine will be in constant use once the process has been finally established.


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