Interface box eases V2X communications tests

January 17, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Interface box eases V2X communications tests
With the VN4610 network interface, development tool manufacturer Vector presents its first solution for IEEE-802.11p- and CAN-(FD)-based application tests. As a connection to the CANoe .Car2x test tool, the interface helps developers to bring 802.11p-based ECUs faster to series production.

The VN4610 is a network interface box with USB interface for accessing IEEE 802.11p and CAN / CAN FD networks. Users benefit from the simple reception and transmission of IEEE 802.11p messages when implementing his Car2x/V2X applications. The received IEEE 802.11p messages are transferred to the application synchronously to the CAN (FD) messages. The built-in GNSS receiver provides the GNSS time and the current GNSS position.

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