Ergonomic thermal camera with IP54 ingress protection

April 09, 2018 //By Julien Happich
Ergonomic thermal camera with IP54 ingress protection
Chauvin Arnoux' latest thermal camera, the DiaCAm2 C.A 1954 features ergonomics specially designed for optimum grip with direct access to recording functions, even when working one-handed.

The instrument is built around  a 160x120 type UFPA microbolometer with a 0.08°C resolution for a temperature reading range of -20 to +250°C. Start-up time takes only 3 seconds and the camera comes with a 9-hour battery life in continuous use. The display on a wide 2.8-inch screen with automatic brightness adjustment ensures that it can be read comfortably, with a 38°x28° camera field of view that operates focus-free. The lens is protected by a slide-down cover built into the instrument. Contextual help guides users step-by-step, thus limiting the risk of errors. Particularly rugged, with IP54 ingress protection, the camera can withstand falls from 2 metres (laboratory tests). The Bluetooth-connected C.A 1954 simultaneously recovers the measurements from other instruments such as current clamps, multimeters, thermometers, thermo-hygrometers, so users can link the thermograms from the camera to the data from measurements made simultaneously with other measuring instruments. The C.A 1954 has a memory capacity of nearly 4,000 images on the 2 GB removable µSD card supplied which can easily be replaced with a 32 GB card.

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