CANape 16.0 eases measurement and calibration of ECUs and sensors

February 13, 2018 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Vector Informatik (Stuttgart, Germany) has introduced a new iteration of its CANape measurement and calibration tool; the current version bears the number 16.0. According to Vector, the usual exchange of CANape projects with colleagues or customers/suppliers is now safer and easier. All relevant information and files are stored by the user in a data container at the push of a button - so that nothing is forgotten when passing them on.

With the new vCDM option, reliability and time savings are increased in the management of calibration data, which is important for application quality. Every user works with the latest data and has a complete change history. Without having to open an additional tool, users can now access all functionalities of the server-based calibration data management system vCDM directly in CANape, e. g. deliver data or retrieve work packages.

During measurement, often many data files are created. For analysis and interpretation, however, the jointly recorded files must be presented as a coherent measurement. CANape 16.0 automatically loads all files belonging to the measurement. Manual, time-consuming file merging is a thing of the past for users.

Reliable object recognition by lidar sensors is indispensable on the way to autonomous driving. CANape now also collects lidar data synchronously to other ADAS systems and displays them as point clouds. In addition to the available radar raw data acquisition, lidar sensors are supported by Velodyne (VLP-16, HDL-32E and HDL-64E), Ibeo LUX and Quanergy M8. Various views, rotation and zoom mechanisms are available in the scene window so that the user can quickly obtain an optimal evaluation of the object recognition algorithms and the results of the multisensor data fusion.

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