14- and 16-bit LXI-based digitizers: up to 24 channels

January 16, 2017 //By Julien Happich
14- and 16-bit LXI-based digitizers: up to 24 channels
Spectrum GmbH has released a range of high-speed 14- and 16-bit LXI-based digitizer products for applications where multiple electronic signals need to be acquired and analyzed.

Twelve new instruments with up to 24, fully synchronized channels extend the company's digitizerNETBOX family. The 16-bit ADC models offer sampling rates of either 130 MS/s or 250 MS/s, while the 14-bit units feature sampling rates of 500 MS/s.

The high sampling rates and resolutions make the DN6.44x series suitable for wide-band signal capture. The high channel density makes the instruments suitable for applications where arrays of receivers, sensors, detectors, rectifiers, antennas and other electronic devices are to be used and tested.

To ensure all models deliver excellent cross channel timing capability with minimal phase error, the ADCs on each channel are clocked synchronously. Each channel is also equipped with its own front-end amplifier that features six input ranges (from ±200 mV up to ±10 V full scale), switchable input impedance (50 Ω and 1 MΩ) and programmable positive input offset for unipolar signals. The analog bandwidth is as high as 250 MHz (for 500 MS/s models) enabling the units to capture electronic signals in the DC to 200 MHz frequency range.

Each DN6.44x instrument is equipped with a large on-board acquisition memory of 512 MSamples per channel and advanced trigger circuitry to allow the capture of the widest range of input signals. Each channel can act as a trigger source, as well as two external inputs, with the capability of combining all sources by AND/OR logic function.

The different acquisition modes, which include single shot (Transient Recording), streaming (FIFO), segmented (Multiple Recording), gated (Gated Sampling) or a combination of segmented and slow chart recorder operation (ABA mode), can be combined with internal trigger time stamping.

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