12-bit 1 GHz scopes oversample to 10 Gsample/sec

April 05, 2017 //By Graham Prophet
12-bit 1 GHz scopes oversample to 10 Gsample/sec
Teledyne LeCroy’s HDO4000A, HDO6000A, HDO8000A, and MDA800A analogue and mixed-signal oscilloscopes are high-definition oscilloscope product lines that range from 200 MHz – 1 GHz bandwidth and utilize 12-bit ADCs that LeCroy terms HD4096 technology.

HDO-A oscilloscopes now automatically ensure optimal display of acquired waveforms to the instruments’ full rated bandwidth. Additionally, the next-generation MAUI user interface with OneTouch simplifies measurement setup and provides users faster time to insight when debugging complex signal abnormalities. Updated PC systems have faster processors, more CPU memory, and solid-state drives. With the HDO-A introduction, these highest-definition oscilloscopes become even more powerful and productive with 10x oversampling, the most efficient and intuitive user interface, and a supercharged PC system.


All HDOs, LeCroy says, are a good match for debugging and troubleshooting power electronics, automotive electronics, and embedded/mechatronic designs with high-resolution sensor signals; and especially in automotive, digital power management, power integrity, physics, and military/aero applications. The eight channels provided by the HDO8000A series are suitable for high power and/or three-phase power conversion testing and digital power management validation. MDA800A Motor Drive Analyzers, which are built on the HDO8000A platform, also perform three-phase electrical and mechanical power calculations with unique static and dynamic power views as well as complete control system validation.

Bandwidths are up to 1 GHz, acquisition memory is up to 250 Mpt/ch, and there is 12-bit vertical resolution. There are also mixed-signal oscilloscope (MSO) options/models. All HDOs offer an extensive array of serial trigger, decode, measure/graph, and eye diagram (TDME) options.


The MAUI user interface with OneTouch optimizes convenience and efficiency by enabling all common operations with a single touch of the display. This user interface has drag-and-drop actions to copy and set up channels, math functions, and measurement parameters without lifting a finger. Common gestures such as drag, drop, pinch, and flick facilitate instinctive interaction with the oscilloscope. The “Add New” button quickly enables a new channel, math, or measurement while traces and parameters turn off with a flick of a finger.


Teledyne LeCroy; www.teledynelecroy.com




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