Samsung boosts test systems after battery problems

January 23, 2017 // By Nick Flaherty
X ray testing of the Galaxy Note 7 smarthphone
Samsung has boosted its test and quality systems following the problems with its battery suppliers.

The company is adding Charge and Discharge Test, Total Volatile Organic Compound (TVOC) test and an Accelerated Usage Test to its quality checks. It is also launched an eight point Battery Safety Check to address safety from the component level to the assembly and shipment of devices. This now includes enhanced durability tests, Visual Inspection, X-Rays and disassembly testing as well as using a differential Open Circuit Voltage (△OCV) test.

A report today identified two types of failures from two battery suppliers, Samsung SDI and TDK subsidiary Amperex Technology, and the new test scheme is intended to identify problems earlier in the design and development process.  

It is also improving the software algorithms used for monitoring battery charging temperature, current and duration. This has a signficant impact on the move to fast charging batteries in smartphones that requires higher currents.

As a result, samsung has set up a battery advisory group of external academic and research experts to focus on battery safety for next generation systems. The group includes Dr Clare Grey, Professor of Chemistry at University of Cambridge; Dr Gerbrand Ceder, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at UC Berkeley; Dr Yi Cui, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University; and Dr Toru Amazutsumi, CEO of Amaz Techno-consultant.

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