Analog signal post-processing software is preset to ISO, NFC Forum, and EMVCo norms

September 26, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Comprion has launched a new post-processing software for easily visualizing, measuring, analyzing, and sharing analog signals, with preset configurations compliant to EMVCo, NFC Forum, and ISO.

The Comprion Analog Scope Viewer does not require manual configuration. While quick measurements are usually only available as part of complex test tools with an integrated oscilloscope, Comprion now offers this feature as a stand-alone software solution.

Deviating analog signals often evoke communication failures. More particularly, contactless transactions are error-prone to metallic parts disturbing the magnetic field or to suboptimal positions of antennas.  If a mobile phone does not send a signal to the opposite part (payment terminal, door lock, ticket machine) in the required time, the communication might fail.

The Window-based software offers import of external CSV data captured on the contactless (ISO 14443, ISO 18092, NFC Forum, EMVCo) and contact-based (ISO 7816/ETSI 102230) interfaces. This way, Comprion Analog Scope Viewer lets users evaluate and compare traces generated by third-party tools with Comprion traces.   

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